Seeing your site marked as "not secure" can be unnerving, for you and your visitors, but securing your site with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is easy!

Before enabling SSL, you must have your custom domain name already connected in your domain name settings. For help with this see our article How to use an existing domain.

Enabling SSL

1. Go to Settings > Domain Names in your SnapPages dashboard.

2. Select the domain name that you'd like to secure.

3. Under SSL enabled, toggle to enable SSL for your domain name.

4. A message will display after SSL has been toggled on for the selected domain name confirming that your SSL certificate is being issued. Note! You will see your status change to "Pending Activation."

5. Finally, you will receive an email to notify you that the SSL certificate has been issued for your domain name!

That's it! Your site is now secured with SSL. Congratulations on securing your site!

Note! Securing your site may take up to 24 hours. Should it exceed this timeline try removing your domain name from the dashboard and add it again to reinitiate issuing the SSL certificate. If you have any further issues feel free to reach out to us directly and we can take a look!

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