We offer 3 different types of plans in SnapPages. In order to help you choose the right plan, we have explained the main differences between each of our plans below.


Cost: $4/month or $40/year

The Personal plan is intended for casual users who want a website, but do not plan to be very serious about it. While you can create a very simple website with the Personal plan, you aren't granted a great deal of options in terms of customization. Additionally, you cannot use a custom domain name (e.g. yourdomain.com) with this plan. However, your site will still be published online at a SnapPages.site sub domain (e.g. yoursite.snappages.site). Here are some highlights of the Personal plan:

  • Cannot use a custom domain name
  • Limited storage space (500 MB)
  • Cannot upload files to the site
  • No custom code snippets
  • Limited to 5 pages on the website
  • SnapPages branded footer (will show "Powered by SnapPages" at the bottom of the page)
  • Limited theme customization


Cost: $10/month or $100/year

The Basic plan is a great option for people who are new to building websites. This plan offers you enough flexibility and customization options to create a professional website, but is still 'locked down' enough to not confuse people who aren't knowledgeable about web design. Here is a brief rundown of the Basic plan:

  • Can use a custom domain
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • No SnapPages branding or ads
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • Ability to upload files
  • Can create custom sets of code
  • SEO options


Cost: $15/month or $150/year 

Who should use this plan?

The Advanced plan is essentially our Basic plan, but with hardly an restrictions on what can be changed. We highly recommend this plan to anyone who has any experience designing websites, or anyone who feels that they are fairly tech savvy. On that note, we have also had many customers who have no web design experience and/or aren't great with computers try out the Advanced plan and love it. Here is a quick list of some of the features available in the Advanced plan:

  • Advanced theme editing capabilities
  • Transition animations
  • Greater typographic control
  • Can use a custom domain
  • No SnapPages branding or ads
  • 20 GB of storage space
  • Ability to upload files
  • Can create custom sets of code
  • SEO options
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