With our Code block in the page editor, you're able to integrate all types of 3rd party services into your website (e.g. E-commerce, calendar, email subscription forms, and much more). To read more about how to use 3rd party services with your SnapPages website, please read our guide HERE. If you would like help using a 3rd party e-commerce service to set up an online store on your website, check out our e-commerce guide HERE

With that out of the way, let's get into the Code section in the Storage app. In this area of your account, you can add various sets of code. 

Once the code has been added, it can be easily referenced from any of the pages on your site when you add the Code block in the page editor. 

For example, in the first screenshot on this page, you'll see that I've added some custom code for a Spotify widget. If I want to add this Spotify widget to a page on my website, I need to select the page I want to add the widget to while in the Pages section of my account, and then click 'Edit'. While in the page editor, I will drag the Code block (displayed in the screenshot above) and drop it to where I want it on the page. From there, I can either add a new set of code, or choose an existing set of code already added. 

In this case, since I have already added the code in the Storage section of my account, I can easily add the Spotify code by selecting 'Select Existing' and choosing the code. Also, keep in mind that whenever you add a new set of code anywhere in the editor, it's automatically added to the Storage section of your account so that you can easily edit or remove it at a later date.

If you have any specific questions about adding custom code to your website, or managing your code snippets, let us know!

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