The Files tab within the Storage section in your account is where you can manage all of your images, files, and code snippets stored on your website. 

From here, you can upload new files (by clicking Upload Files), delete files (by selecting the files you want to delete and then clicking Delete File), and view file details (by clicking the file and viewing the information to the right hand side of the page). You'll notice that in the file 'details' to the right of the page that there is a custom URL displayed for each file. If you need to link to a particular file from elsewhere on your site (e.g. link to the file from a button so that when visitors click the button the file is displayed), you can do so by linking to that URL.

You can also create Collections of files (essentially separate albums with the files you want listed) by clicking 'New' under 'Collections'. From there, you'll be taken to a screen asking you to name the collection, as well as add the files you want displayed in the collection. 

Adding Uploaded Files to your Site

To add the files stored in the Storage section of your account to your actual website, select the page you want to add the file to while in the Pages section of your account and click 'Edit'. From there, add the Download block to the page and select the file you want to add.

Storage Limits

The amount of data that you store within your SnapPages account will depend on which plan you have. Here are the storage limits for each of our plans:

  1. Basic: 10 GB

  2. Advanced: 20 GB

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