The blog editor is where you can add content to your blog posts. To access the blog editor, select the blog post you'd like to edit and then click 'Edit' in the upper right hand corner of the blog section. If you don't have any blog posts yet, click 'New Post' to get started. Once you've done this, you will be taken into the blog editor.

Adding Content

To add content to your blog, click the '+' icon on the page. When you do, some of our basic blocks will pop up (Text, Heading, Image, Video). To add any of those blocks, just click them and they will appear on the page. If you need to add a different type of content, click 'More' to bring up a full list of available blocks.

To add any of these blocks, simply select the block you want and drag it onto the page to the right. Unlike in the Page Editor, content can only be added in a single column (e.g. you cannot add 2 blocks side by side). This is to ensure the blog looks great on all devices.

Other Options

On the left hand side of the blog editor, you'll see some additional options: Add Thumbnail Image, Categories, Tags, Published, Options, Excerpt. To read more about each of these options, please read below:

  • Add Thumbnail Image: To add a custom image for your blog post's preview thumbnail, click 'Add Thumbnail Image'. If you decide to change the image at a later date, just click the thumbnail image within the editor and click 'remove'

  • Categories: This option allows you to categorize your blog posts. The categories that you create will be listed on the live version of your blog so that visitors can easily sort through your blogs by category. For example, if your blog post provides some tips and tricks for your customers, you could add it to a category titled 'Tips and Tricks' for your viewers to select.

  • Tags: Tags allow you to add specific tags that will relate to your blog post. For example, if your blog is about a sporting event, you could add tags such as 'sports, football, game'. Adding tags will make the blog posts easier to sort through for your site's visitors, as well as help optimize them for search engines

  • Schedule: This setting will allow you to set a time in which you want your blog post to be published. All you will need to do is enter the date and time you want the blog published and the system will automatically publish the post on that date

  • Options: From here, you can enable or disable commenting for the blog post. Keep in mind that changes made here will only affect the blog post you're currently editing

  • Excerpt: This option lets you create a custom excerpt for your blog post. When visitors see the thumbnail preview for the post on your main blog page, this excerpt will be displayed. If you do not create a custom excerpt, the system will automatically create one for you

Unpublishing a post

If you decide that you need to unpublish a post that was already published to your site, you will need to select the blog post within the 'Blog' section of your account (not the Blog editor) and then click 'Unpublish' in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Keep in mind that you can always re-publish the post at any point in the future. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the blog editor, please let us know! Also, to read more about managing your site's blog posts, please click HERE.

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