By default, you will given a SnapPages sub-domain when you sign up (e.g. However, most people like to create their own custom domain name for their website (e.g. If you do not own a domain name yet, you can quickly and easily purchase one using Google Domains (Google Domains is integrated into SnapPages). To do this, click 'Domain Names' from under the 'Settings' tab while in your account's dashboard. Then, click 'Find a new domain name'.

From there, search for the domain you'd like to buy. If it's available, you'll be able to purchase it by following the instructions provided by Google. If it's not available, Google will show you other similar domains that are available. If you have any questions about purchasing a domain through Google Domains, let us know!

As a note, keep in mind that while you can purchase the domain through SnapPages, the domain itself will be managed on Google's end. They make it very easy to manage the domain there!

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