SnapPages includes various tools that all work together to allow you to quickly and easily create a professional website. These tools can be accessed from the main account dashboard (shown below).


The 'Pages' section of your account is where you can manage your site's pages (create, edit and remove pages), as well as access the page editor to edit the content for the pages on your website. For more detailed information on 'Pages', please click HERE.


The 'Themes' section is where you can customize the look and feel of the website. You will be able to manage the theme templates (add new ones or manage existing ones), as well as access the theme editor to customize the template to your liking. To read more about what you can do within the 'Themes' section, click HERE.


The 'Blog' section allows you to create a fully functioning blog for your website. You can write new blog posts, edit existing posts, and much more. For more information on blogging with SnapPages, click HERE.


While we do not directly offer any 3rd party apps, we plan to eventually add apps to the 'Apps' area. In the meantime, you can still integrate MANY 3rd party services into your SnapPages site using our 'Code Box' web block. If you need help with this, please read our guide on integrating 3rd party services into your site HERE.


With SnapPages, you can easily set up an online store or accept payments within your website. To read more about how to do this, please click HERE.


The 'Storage' area is where you can manage all of the data saved within your SnapPages account (Files, Images, sets of code, etc.). When you add images or other files to your site's pages, they are automatically stored in the 'Storage' area. 


The 'Settings' area allows you to further customize various aspects of your site. For example, you can change your site's title, upload a favicon, add custom code to your site's header and footer, purchase and manage domain names, manage your billing information, and much more.

This is is intended to be a very brief overview of how SnapPages works. For more detailed help, we highly recommend looking through the rest of the knowledge base. Also, please don't hesitate to message us with any questions you may have - we're happy to help!

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