If your custom domain status is showing pending please check out the article below for troubleshooting steps.

1. Verify Proper A-records Setup

In order for Snappages to connect to your domain, please make sure the A-record is configured correctly. Please check out our article here on how to use your custom domain. If you are not sure how to edit your a-records please contact your domain registrar.

2. Give It Some Time

Domain changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect. If you just edited your DNS settings please allow enough time for the changes to take place.

3. Check Your DNS Settings

Multiple A-records
If you have multiple a-records connected to your domain this will cause some issues in Snappages getting connected to your Domain. If you have multiple A-records configured for your domain, we will be unable to submit an SSL certificate.

Is Cloudflare enabled for your domain?
If additional security protocols are enabled through your Domain host this can cause issues with your domain connecting properly to Snappages.

Expired Domain

Check the status of your domain, make sure the domain is not expired.

Domain Host-specific Troubleshooting Tips:


  • Make sure you are on the default nameservers with Godaddy.

  • Check to see if Cloudflare is enabled for your domain. If so, please disable it.

  • If you have any questions editing your a-records, please get in contact with Godaddy to make the necessary changes.

  • If your SSL is stuck on pending after 48 hours, check to see If you see a CNAME record with the value "@". Make sure to delete this and add an additional a-record with the value of After this is done, on Snappages remove and re-add your domain to re-issue the SSL certificate.


  • If you have already added the A-record for Snappages and it is directing to an error message from Wix, check your c-name records. anything pointing to "wws.wix.com" can be deleted.

  • You will need to add a "WWW." a-record that points to our I.P address.

  • You do not need any C-name records from Snappages to establish a connection.

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