An Anchor is used to create Anchor Links to specific sections on your page. This can be useful for all sorts of things like directing users to a particular feature on a page, or even creating a one page website!

You can read more about creating a one page website on our blog here.

Your first step is to ensure you’ve already created the sections on your page. If this is new to you, check out our section overview article. Then, creating an Anchor is easy, just drag and drop an Anchor block into your desired section. Then just type in your anchor name and you’ll be all set!

Note! Your Anchor name must be alphanumeric characters only.

You are then able to link to that content from anywhere in your site from within the Block Options of whatever block you are using. For example, a button block we’ve added to a page. Open up the block options, select Link and click on Content (you’ll see the anchor emblem there).

If you are trying to link your anchor from a different page be sure to include the number symbol "#" before the title of the anchor. For example, the link should be in the following format /pagetitle#anchortitle.

And that's it! You've created a functioning Anchor on your site!

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