With SnapPages Legacy Migration Tool you can migrate the majority of your content from your Legacy site to your brand new SnapPages 3 site. Below we will go over the content that you can and can't migrate.

What will be imported

  • Pages

  • Images & Albums

  • Blog Posts & Categories

  • Files & Folders

  • Code Snippets

What won't be imported

  • Themes - SnapPages 3 Themes are more advanced and aren't compatible with the legacy theme so you will need to choose and customize a new theme for your site.

  • 3rd Party Integrations - Because of the custom nature of 3rd party integrations we are unable to migrate these to SnapPages 3, you will want to make sure you set this up again if you would like to continue using them.

  • Settings - SnapPages 3 offers a number of setting options that are different or unavailable on legacy versions.

  • Domain Names - To set up your custom domain name for your new SnapPages site check out our article on using an existing domain name.

To learn how to get the migration going check out our article on it by clicking here!

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