The More tab on your Navigation Menu is where you can access some of your more advanced and specific Navigation Bar settings including Padding, Dividers, and even the option to Hide your Homepage. All these features and more are covered below!

  • Spacing - This option allows you to control the spacing between the items on your Navigation Bar.

  • Padding - The Padding feature allows you to control the space between your Navbar and its surroundings.

  • Border* - With Border you can set up a number of different borders around your Navigation.

  • Hide Homepage - If you ever want to simply hide your homepage from the Navbar all you have to do is toggle it off here! Be aware that some themes have the homepage hidden by default.

  • Full Width* - Just turn this feature on if you want your Navigation background to stretch across the full width of the page.

  • Dividers - This option slides in evenly spaced dividers in between your Navigation Bar items.

  • Call To Action - This is a great way to draw attention to a specific item, like a giving page for example. If you toggle this to be on, it will create a box around the last item in your Navbar, giving it an extra pop to draw people in. 

*These options will be overridden if on your pages you have the top most Section's background being included in the Header. When this is done, the Navigation Bar inherits the Color Scheme from the Section.

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