For those who don't know a 404 error is a common internet error that simply means a page can't be found or no longer exists something common as you create and delete pages during the life time of your site. 

By default your SnapPages site will give the below error screen which while informing you of the error doesn't offer much more information and lacks personalization. 

With SnapPages Custom 404 Page option you can create a much more customized user experience providing additional info and the ability to navigate to the rest of your site.

To set this up all you have to do is create a new page and call it 404. From there you can customize the page how ever much you want and have the full scope of page features and options as you normally would. Once it is saved and published it will automatically redirect all 404 errors to it!

If you have any questions on how to get this set up feel free to reach out to the SnapPages Support team!

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