If you are on a legacy version of SnapPages and are looking to upgrade to the new SnapPages 3, you can now easily migrate the majority of your content from your Legacy account to your new one!

For a full list of what can and can't be migrated to SnapPages 3 check out our article here!

To begin the process visit SnapPages.com and click 'Sign Up'. This will create a trial version for your new SnapPages 3 account. After that is set up you will need to upgrade it to our Basic or Advanced plan. 

Once your account has been upgraded, head to Extras under Settings. There you will find our new Legacy Account Migration tool!

To get the migration started simply click "Import Content". From there you will be prompted to log into your old Legacy Account so the tool can access your content. Once the connection has been made, linking the old to the new, you can begin the import process. 

Please be aware that based on the amount of content you have, this process can take a long time to complete. But if you do end up leaving the import for any reason, you can continue with the process right from where you left off.

Once the Migration tool finishes its process, there may be some formatting differences between the old version of SnapPages and SnapPages 3. You may need to go in and make a few tweaks to the new site. Once you're done making adjustments and are ready to go live with the new site, check out our article how to point your existing domain name to your new site by clicking here!

Please note that each account can only have one site migrated too it.

If you run into any issues along the way, feel free to open up a chat and let us know!

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