In the Navigation Menu tab on your Header Menu you have a lot of options to specifically customize your Navigation Bar (shown below).

Through this menu you can modify many of the basic characteristics of your Navbar beginning: Color, Active, Hover, Background, and Typography. More detailed descriptions of each of these can be found below! 

  • Color* - This option allows you to set the Text Color of your Navigation Bar.

  • Active - The Active color option allows you to specifically highlight the page you are on so you can easily track where you are in the Navigation.

  • Hover - This feature makes it so whenever you hover over an item on the Navbar items it will change to the color of your choice.

  • Background* - To set a specific background color for your Navigation you can quickly set that here!

  • Typography - Here is where you can control the various Navigation bar text traits.

Additionally, you can access more advanced Navigation bar options in the More tab. To learn all about that check our article on by click here!

*These options will be overridden if on your pages you have the top most Section's background being included in the Header. When this is done, the Navigation Bar inherits the Color Scheme from the Section.

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