This section of Theme allows you to manage and customize the overall look and feel of your Header.

Your Header is displayed across all pages of your site and consists of three different pieces: Logo/Title, Navigation Bar, and the Info Bar.

The header edit menu is broken up into the four different sections!


In the general section of your Header menu you have a number of basic options that affect the Header as a whole. Such as setting a background and creating a sticky header that will slide down the page with you as you go.


The Layout section allows you to set how your Navigation Bar will be displayed in relation to your Logo or Title. Simply select one of the four options and it will immediately update on your live preview!

In the Navigation Menu tab you have a lot of options to specifically customize your Navigation Bar. You can modify anything from typography and colors to hiding your home page.

Info Bar

Your Info Bar will be the bar at the very top of your screen where you can set up quick links to Social Media platforms or include important text you want your visitors to see!

In the Info Bar section of the Header editor you have a lot of great customizable options such as setting its positioning in the Header and the ability to simply toggle it off with the click of a button.

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