In the Block Options you have a lot of control over how your Block is going to look and is where you can modify features such as the color scheme, orientation, layout, and much more.

Color Scheme

Choose from any of your existing Color Schemes (managed in Theme->Colors) to be used to style your Block. All you have to do is simply select the one you want from the dropdown and you'll be all set!

Align Content

Every Block has the option to align the content to the Left, Center, and Right, and you can set it right in these settings.

Limit Width

The easiest way to set the size of your blocks is simply to set a limit to the Block width. All you have to do is turn on Limit Width then you can toggle its width up and down with ease.

Padding (Advance package)

Padding allows you to generate blank space between your Block's horizontal and vertical boarders and the content inside it. You can do this simply by toggling the padding slides up and down.

Rotate (Advance package)

Every Block has the ability to be rotated on its X, Y, and Z axis' to any degree of your choosing.

Hide From

With these settings you can choose to hide a Block from a specific device. All you have to do is select the device type, tablet for an example, and just like that it will be hidden.

Animate In (Advance package)

The Animate option is a great way to add some fun transitions to your site! Simply choose one of the many transition options and then anytime you scroll into a view of the Block it will animate in.

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