Blocks, along with Sections are the two building blocks of SnapPages. While Sections are great for building the layout of your site, Blocks are the actual content that users interact with everyday. These can be anything from Text blocks to 3rd party code embeds.

Adding a Block

To add a block to the page, simply drag and drop the block to wherever you want to it on the page. Once a block has been added to the page, you can get to work customizing it! 

To view the options available, just hover over the block itself and you'll see the Block Menu pop up in the upper right hand corner. 

Block Menu

A Block’s menu is on the top of each Block where you will find four different options: Edit Block, Block Options, Duplicate Section, and Delete Section. Each of these will allow you to customize your Blocks in different ways.

  • Edit Block: Provides you with more options to further customize the individual block. Options available vary depending on what type of block you're editing. For example, an 'Image' block will provide you additional options specific to images (re-sizing the photo, aligning the image, etc.). Clicking 'Edit Block' for a 'Text' block will provide you with options for customizing the section of text (bold, italic, etc.)

  • Block Options: Gives you the options to change the color scheme, align the content, set a max width for the block, and hide the block from the different versions of the page (tablet, phone, or desktop)

  • Duplicate Block: This option allows you to quickly duplicate any existing Block!

  • Delete Block: To delete a block, all you have to do is click on this option.

While most of the blocks are pretty self explanatory, some of them may be confusing. If you have any questions about specific blocks, or get confused with the additional options provided, please let our support team know - we're happy to help!

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