In the section options, you have control over how your section will look, where you can modify features (such as the section color scheme, title, and background), and much more.

Section Title

You can seamlessly change your Section Title by editing it here in Section Options!

Color Scheme

Choose from any of your existing Color Schemes (managed in Theme->Colors) to be used to style your Section. All you have to do is simply select the one you want from the dropdown and you'll be all set!


In the Background section you have the option to set your background to be either a single color, a gradient color, an image, or a video. Each of these choices come with a whole menu of editing options unique to each one.

Padding (Advance package)

Padding allows you to generate blank space between your section's horizontal and vertical borders with the content inside it. Do this by toggling the padding slides up and down.

Hide From

With these settings you can choose to hide an entire section from a specific device. Select the device type, “tablet” for example, and just like that it will be hidden.

Including Header

This option can only be found in the top most section on a page and allows you to have the section background included in your site Header.

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