Every individual page has a number of additional options you can change and customize such as changing a page’s name, setting up SEO, and reverting back to previous versions. You can access them through the Page Menu or by clicking the Gear when editing a specific page. 

Options, shown below, are broken up into four categories: Basic, SEO, Code, and Versions shown below.


The Basic section of page options has some great options to take advantage of. The first is you can edit your page’s name, so if you wanted to change your default homepage to be titled something like “Welcome”, you can change it here. You also have the ability to set a custom URL for the specific page, or even set up a password for the page.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be set up individually for all your pages if you want to further boost your standings across search engines. For more information check out our article on Setting Up SEO!


In the page options you also have the ability to insert page-specific code for the Header and Footer. So say you had some custom code to hide the header for a specific page, all you have to do is insert the code and click save!


The last feature on Page Options that you have access to is Versions. Every time you publish changes to your page, a version of the old page will be archived. This allows you the ability to revert back to any historic version of your page. All you have to do is select one of your previous versions and accept it!


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