Page Folders

When it comes to managing your Pages on your site there are three different folders they can be in. These folders are Navigation, Online and Drafts as seen in the image below.

The Navigation folder will consist of the pages that make up your site's navigation menu on the live version of your site. 

The Online folder will be for pages that you have published to the site, but are not listed in the site's navigation menu. Pages should be added to this folder if you plan to link to them from other areas of your site (or elsewhere on the web), and don’t want them listed on your navigation menu. 

Lastly, Drafts will be for pages you are working on and aren’t quite ready to have published yet. These pages will won’t be visible to anyone besides you.

To move a page from one folder to another, simply drag and drop it under the folder that you want the page to be added too!

Creating Drop Down Menus

If you would like to create a drop down menu on your site's navigation menu, simply drag the page you want to be a sub-page and drop it on top of the page you want it to fall under. For example, if you want to add a page titled 'New Page' as a sub-page under a page titled 'About', simply drag the 'New Page' and drop it on top of the 'About' page.

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