The Page Editor is where you will build, edit, and manage your pages! You will spend the bulk of your time in the Page Editor, so it’s important to understand how it works.

When it comes to navigating the Page Editor, there are two different menus you will want to familiarize yourself with. The first is the Page Manager which is great for organizing and managing your pages. The second is the individual Page Menu, which you will see with each page you select. From here you can go in and actually edit your page content, change your page settings, and much more.

For more information on the different page folders and how to manage them, check out the Managing your Pages!

Building your Pages


Each page of your site is built using two components: Sections and Blocks. Sections are separated sections within a given page (you can think of them as smaller pages within a page). Each one within your page can each be customized to help give your website a unique and professional look.

For more information on Sections check out Overview of Sections!


Each Section within a page will be comprised of Blocks and they can be anything from a Text block to a Code block for adding custom front end code.

For more information on Blocks check out Intro to Blocks!


When working on your site it’s important to understand the difference between Saving and Publishing. When you click Save in the right hand corner of the page editor, all of your changes made to the page will be saved in the editor view. However, these changes will NOT be published to the live version of your site. If you want to publish the changes to your live website, click Publish. (This will save the changes in the editor AND publish them to the live version of your site).

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