All search engines have one goal, to find content that is both relevant AND helpful for its users. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what helps engines serve up the best content for their users.

To customize your SEO with SnapPages, open up the Settings Menu on the SnapPages Main Menu. There you will find our four different tools to refine your SEO, Website Description, Keywords, Searchability, and URL Redirects.

Website Description

When browsing the internet, there are two ways to search for content and sites. The first way is by typing in a short description. Our Website Description tool allows you to set a description for your site so it can be quickly found by web crawlers. So, if someone searches for “Bakery and Coffee shop in Georgetown” the search engines would look for websites with descriptions that match.


The second way to search is by keywords. For example, rather than typing out “Bakery and Coffee shop in Georgetown” a user could simply search “Coffee Georgetown espresso.” Search Engines will then crawl the web and pull any websites that feature those words. Using our Keywords tool, you can quickly and easily fill in all relevant keywords to optimize online searches.


Turning on your SEO is as simple as flipping a switch! Once you turn it on, your website now becomes searchable across all search engines.

URL Redirect

With our URL Redirect tool you can set both temporary and permanent redirects for any old pages that no longer exist. This ensures that any page the shows up in search gets your viewers to your site regardless of its state!

To learn more about how to use this tool check our article on URL Redirects!

If you would like to learn more about how SEO works and how to get your site even more optimized check out our Beginners Guide to SEO blog post.

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